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My work is reflective of an ongoing conversation between the cosmic and the corporeal, between the present and intimate worlds of today, whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual; and lands distant in terms of both space and memory. Through choreography, text, and sound I examine how new and preexisting paradigms can manifest into reimagined states of abstraction. Embedded in the work is also both a reflective and intimate form of syncretism between my native cultural understandings and that of a land I have had to assimilate into. 

I value the power of human imagination and its ability to shift and transcend through our current realities. It is through this imagination that I often contemplate questions pertaining to the healing of present and past traumas as well as existing in a present where the future is both unknown and unforeseeable. Through this reimagination of worlds and possibilities unknown, I aim for my work to serve as a base for nuanced and innovative reflections of daily life and the infinite possibilities and changes that can transpire. 

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