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DSH - Barnstorm 2022 - Clara Mohagen - Photographer Lynn Lane - Hi Res-18.jpg


Feb 4. 2022

Jun. 2022

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"Where Do the Thoughts Go?" uses both improvised and choreographed movement and original text and sound to bring the immaterial into the corporeal as it follows the ever-changing nature of

thought patterns, especially those that succeed unplanned and unexpected events in the physical world. Questions in mind include: "How do thoughts impact mood and how quickly does a shift in disposition occur? What is the relationship between thoughts and temporality? How do never-ending thought chains steal us away from our lived realities?" The work serves to bring forth themes of healing, connection, and a sense of common humanity. This solo focuses heavily on the head as it pulls the performer across the stage in unplanned and sporadic directions. Similar to the thoughts that ruminate in my mind, they sometimes do not have rhyme or reason, they simply appear and begin their own threads in various directions as they wish. 

Performances: Text
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Performances: Text
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