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Venue: Streamed Online through UCLA’s WAC/D Department/ Los Angeles 

Collaborators: Patrick Adams (Musician)



Outside This Window, Inside This Universe: Text
Outside This Window, Inside This Universe: Video

This dance video, through the primary view of physical window frames, and the frames of time and space, responds to the complex environmental and spatial shifts that exists for many during the global Coronavirus pandemic. It is supported with music by Patrick Adams and video editing by Madeline Nobida. This project was framed by the current pandemic and the concept of isolation. Personally, the unintended but necessary shifts that are associated with isolation has drawn me closer to my surroundings and to nature. Before the pandemic these two liminal spaces were most prevalent when I navigated from one building to another, or from one task to another. In realizing this project, I observed the movement of plants in relation to the wind and I observed many facets of how the natural light throughout any given day could impact the reflection of materials present in my immediate space such as window blinds, or the trees outside. For the first few weeks, improvisations were performed in the outside space that is my backyard in order to further inform my studies on the movement of the plants and tree life that were present. Within the piece, the window space has taken the in-between, or liminal space that once existed and it provides viewers with a sense of intimacy while also playing with presence and absence through the wide use of natural light.

Outside This Window, Inside This Universe: Text
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