Dec. 2017 - Jun. 2019

Venues: Greenspace, Judson Church/Movement Research, BAAD Bronx, Danspace Project


The Healer’s Path, was a work created during the Winter of 2017. It was performed in several venues in New York City including Greenspace, Judson Church/Movement Research, BAAD Bronx, and Danspace Project. The piece in its entirety is 17 minutes long and focuses on life events that I, or close friends of mine have encountered over the course of our lives. The piece connects to my deep interest in Shamanism and encompasses the themes of trauma and healing. It also incorporates styles, themes, words, drumming, and music within the Haitian Culture and tradition. In addition to live singing and text, the musical ideas displayed included linking “Ti Zwazo”, a traditional Haitian Children's song that I grew up hearing at home, to the theme of the piece with the use of repetition.